Sunday, April 13, 2014

Taiwan Trip Day 2 - Shifen Jiufen

~Taiwan Day 2~
Taiwan has a lot of breakfast shop.
Their breakfast slightly different with Malaysia.
But slightly different taste only, overall is the same.
 The first location we went is Shifen(十分)
Here famous for the sky latterns.
 We wrote our wishes to the sky lattern.
Hope our dream comes true :)
We released our sky lanterns into the sky along the railroad tracks. 
We capture pic with Lao Zhang.
This railroad tracks has been transformed into a tourist rail line.
 The Shifen Old Street made you had the feel of back to old days.
Rushing for train and a place where you saw in old days drama,
said goodbye to your love ones and depart to a place.
 Next Location we went is Jiufen (九分).
Its about 30 minutes away.
We stopped here for 1-2 hours.
We had our lunch and shopping here.
There is a nice view of Ocean and enjoy the food,
shopping, chill weather here.
The next location we went is jinguashi (金瓜石)
It is famous of gold mine.
There is a gold museum where you can touch the 220kg of gold bricks.
We went into gold mine tunnel. 
It charged NT$50 to walk through the tunnel.
Since you already reached this museum,
just pay to visit the tunnel to experience how those workers work in the gold mine tunnel.
The next location is Gold Waterfall (黄金瀑布)
Its just a gold waterfall to take picture.
 Behind is those high hills and beside is the ocean.
Down there there is a ocean name
yinyang ocean(阴阳海)
The Gold Waterfall is the source of the ocean.
You can see two colors of the ocean.

We headed to Yi Lan( 宜蘭)to stay one night.
We passed beside the ocean and headed to another city to stay one night.

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