Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Backpack Trip to Perth, Day 6 Morning

~Day 6 Morning~
We supposed to booked a Local Tour to see koala and pinnacles dessert.
But caused of credit card problem, we couldn't book it.
In the morning, we are stuck in the city and not sure how to go to the location.
We headed to the to rent a car.
Then we used GPS to drive to Caversham Wildlife Park.
 The entrance fees is 25AUD per person.
We came here for koala bear!
When we entered the wildlife park, 
the first place we are heading to is the Koala Area.
We only can capture picture with them.
They will allow you to touch one of the koala
but not all of them.
So the pity *the only one* koala molested by all girls! haha.. 
That is Bingo, a fox & dog mixture.
Looks like dog but actually is fox.
There is an event morning 11am: Wombat and Friends.
That is Wombat. We are allowed to touch it's feet only.
We saw them eat and sleep in the cage only.
Cant remember this name but its cute!
Snake. Although I am the year of snake,
but I am still afraid of snake!
This is golden brushtail possum.
We are allowed to touch its tail.
Furry tail, I like it!
This is blue tongue lizard,
we are waiting for the blue tongue to come out!
At last we keep on 'interact - talk and touch' the kangaroo.
Wondering they understand us? hahaha
This is wallaby. It is a smaller size 'kangaroo'.
They are so cute!
Once your hand full with foods,
they will 'hop' towards you.
YC and MM surrounded by lots of kangaroo because
they hold a handful of foods.
We came to the Carversham Wildlife Park for kangaroo and koala,
but we explore more animals here which are wombat, fox, golden tail possum,
blue tongue possum. A great experience here!
We headed to Pinnacles Dessert after lunch.

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