Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Backpack Trip to Perth, Day 5

 ~ Day 5~
Today we went to Guilford ( Swan Valley ) Perth.
 We headed to Guildford, Swan Valley Perth by Train.
When we reached Guildford, we walked to the Swan Valley Visitor Centre.
When we walked pass the St Matthews Church,
we started to capture alot of pics in the park.
 We rolling on the grass and feel the sunshine of the morning.
We headed to the Swan Valley Visitor Centre and get a map.
And we asked the person in charge for the direction.
The person in charge said it will be a long journey and intro us for tour.
But we dont have so much $$ so we told her that we will walk.
But at last she suggested us to use bicycle and we agreed with that.
We rented 3 bicycles for 30 AUD each per day.
Bike Hire Web: www.brookleigh.com.au
Email: bike.hire@brookleigh.com.au
While we waiting the guy to deliver us the bicycle. 
We went to the museum beside.
I forgotten the name but is a small museum and 4 AUD per entry.
There will be person in charge to explain us everything in the musuem.
 She explain everything and we had learn about ancient life.
We capture a pic with her in front of a ancient house.
 While waiting for the guy to delivered our bicycle, 
YC done her shopping in the Swan Valley Visitor Center.
She bought KoE ( name of her Koala ).
 The bike delivery guy gave us map and show us where to go.
He provided us 3 water bottles.
We are so thankful that the guy really took good care of us.
He gave us safety hat, good condition bicycles, 
map with suggested directions ( where to go, eat, relax) , water bottles.
 At first we headed to Margaret River Chocolate Co. that area.
We had our brunch at the restaurant there.
Honestly that day is my first day since 1-2 years didn't ride bicycle.
I kinda concerned about my bike skills,
luckily there had bicycle lane for bikers.
And the main point is, I cant remember the shop name we went.
I only know we went to that area. :P
 We had brunch at this beautiful scenery and we started to capture pic.
What a wonderful relaxing day
 We ride bicycle pass by this beautiful vineyard.
 We tested free coffee, free chocolate, wine, honey.
Burp....Oppss excuse me XP
We ride bicycle whole day,
shopping and eat whole day.
We stopped by Margaret River Chocolate Co that area for coffee, chocolate and wine tasting.
We ride passed alpacca plus and few vineyards, parks, restaurants.
We went to House of Honey to test free honey and bought honey sweets.
We stopped by Mondo Nougat & Chocolate to buy nougat and had a tea time there.
When we walked towards the train station,
we saw Alfred's Kitchen.
I have been reading alot of blogs about this Alfred Kitchen.
I am so surprised that we explored this Alfred Kitchen on our way back.
We bought burgers and enjoyed our dinner here.
Love the burgers here.
After dinner, we sat on the train with tired body.
Had an enjoyable and happy riding day in Guildford ( Swan Valley ) Perth.
You can pick any brewery restaurants, local produce, winery, or shopping stops through the swan valley map.
We had done our research through: http://www.swanvalley.com.au/General/Order_Maps_and_Brochures

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